A Villa Lapas exclusive! Experience the raw power of the rainforest through our Sky Way walking tour 1.5 miles (2.5 km) in length, and five suspended bridges at more than 180 feet above the ground! Each of these bridges is an astonishing 300 feet length, crossing through the very heart of the tropical rainforest. This all-ages tour lets you observe a wide array of exotic flora, fauna and wildlife firsthand. Make yourself one with the jungle!

This is a birdwatcher’s paradise. Bird-watching fans and pros from all over the world confirm this fact. There is plenty to look in our Sky Way, including the beautiful and greatly endangered Scarlet Macaw, the yellow-billed Cotinga, and the Black-hooded Antshrike among many others.

What to bring: Hiking shoes, hat, sun block, binoculars and camera.